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Scroll through some of my favorite portraits of people I've had the pleasure of working with. A mixture of creative portraits, wedding couples, and those who love to create. Hopefully you see my passion and drive as an artist. Let the scrolling begin... 







As you scroll through my work you'll see a shift in color and tones. I lean a lot towards warmer tones as I find them to be more appealing. Personal opinion obviously. 




In a portrait session I like to experiment with anything I have at my disposal.

During Krissy's shoot we pulled the glass top off my dinner table and played with the effects of the glass. 




The people behind the scenes really deserve a huge thank you. Without them my images wouldn't happen.

Incredible makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and lastly, the person or people in front of the camera. 

MUA: Richelle Copiak | Stylist: Desiree Boa


Model: Nicole S. | MUA: Richelle Copiak | Stylist: Desiree Boa




OCT' 17


Engagement session with Dave & Katie in Kananaskis, Alberta.


There's thousands of wedding photographers out there. Damn good ones too! Alberta is stock full of them. So there's no lack of options out there for couples. For myself I like to have the opportunity to meet, hangout and go for a beer with my couples. Get a solid sense of who each other are. It's kind of like dating. Let's see if we like each other and want to spend one of the most important days of your life together. It's crucial that a couple and a wedding photographer click (no pun intended). I want a couple to feel comfortable. Like we've known each other for years. Great images come with that connection. 




There's a lot of times I work with the same people when shooting creative portrait work. A great team can make incredible images. Over the few years that I've known Hannah, we've gotten a lot of fantastic images which make it hard to choose favorites. 



Alex K & Danielle D in Drumheller, Alberta

Alex K & Danielle D in Drumheller, Alberta

Alberta has some of the most incredible variety of landscapes. Alex, Danielle and I took a road trip out to Horsethief Canyon outside of Drumheller, Alberta. A mad dash to find the right location in relation to great light. The terrain was tricky because not one of us thought of bringing hiking shoes. Tip: Don't wear heels. 





This day in age you come across so many photos it's hard to keep track of. I hope to make a lasting impression with the person I photograph. That the images stay fresh in their mind. That if those images are shared with the world the audience are able to appreciate it and hopefully it makes a lasting impression with them as well. 

Alexa with a reflection provided from my iPhone.




A trip to Edmonton allowed me to capture these gorgeous sand dune images. Thanks to friend photographer April Cormier and makeup artist Nada Govic. Now if you were to stick a gun to my head and ask me where this location is.. I'd be a dead man. I couldn't point on a map to where this is to save my life. 

Model: Agnes W | MUA: Nada Govic | Agency: Mode Models

Model: Agnes W | MUA: Nada Govic | Agency: Mode Models




APR' 17



When Dana and Gerard asked me to photograph their wedding in Curacao, I was freaking ecstatic. Like over the moon loosing my shit. Two people I hold dear to my heart asking me to capture their day in such a beautiful place. I was so honoured to be the photographer and spend extra days with them touring the landscapes and cultures of Curacao.

Needless to say... WOW we had a blast.









One of the things I love about photography is the creative process from an idea to final results. A painting of a girl inspired me to approach hair and makeup artist Rabia Nasrullah. Rabia agreed we could make this concept really come to life. I then contacted Numa models agency with the idea. They got me in contact with Mannie who honestly was the perfect fit for this creative shoot. Mannie brought the perfect wardrobe and knocked it out of the park. The women I work with do all the heavy lifting. I click buttons. 









Looks can be deceiving.

                     It looks like Awar is standing in beautiful warm sunlight. It looks like it's +30 degrees Celsius. Wrong! It's -5 and she's freezing. Luckily, even at such a young age (still in highschool) she's strong and professional and doesn't let on how cold she is. Hell, I was cold and felt terrible she was in a bathing suit. I'll say it over and over again... The women I work with allow me to create beautiful images. 





The photo to the left of this text of Sloan is by far the most shared photo I have on social media. Yes I photoshopped Sloan's hair and the surrounding leaves to bring the entire environment all together. For the shoot, Olivia Brownell (makeup artist) and I got together to colab once again. Sloan was just signed to Numa models. The day of the shoot we realized none of us had wardrobe planned. Panic set in and now we needed a miracle. Luckily, my partner in life and love runs home to her closet and rushes back with the dress you see in this photo. The day was saved. The photos turned out incredible. Better then I had imagined. On the day of a photoshoot you never know what could happen and what the end results could be and I find that truly exciting. 


Model: Sloan | HMUA: Rabia N


Rabia Nasrullah (makeup artist) and I discussed a concept for some time. I had just purchased some LED lights that I wanted to try and incorporate into a creative portrait shoot. Everything was set to go. 

The day of the shoot our model cancelled. We're all ready to do a photoshoot and no model. Deflated we started brainstorming of a replacement model. I fired a message off to Sloan thinking its a message in a bottle scenario. The girl's insanely busy. Minutes later I get a response back saying she's on her way. Sloan shows up ready to make magic happen. That we did. 





Over the years I've gotten to know Katie and I can easily say not only is she one of the most photogenic women I've worked with but she's also the nicest. During countless shoots from creatives to editorial work to photography workshops we've had a blast and I'll continue working with her as long as she's willing to put up with me. 




Last moments of light in Drumheller, Alberta

Last moments of light in Drumheller, Alberta


Another face that I continuously work with. Danielle has been a huge inspiration in a lot of my photography. Anytime Olivia Brownell and I remotely mention something about a creative shoot that's weird or crazy, Danielle is wanting in on the action no matter what we're putting her through. She pulls off every look thrown at her. I've taken some of my all time favorite portraits with Danielle. The portraits have left huge lasting memories.


Hair & Makeup by Olivia Brownell





Here's a face you'll see around here often. Sam and I had our first creative a long time ago. Luckily for me I didn't scare her away and we continue to collaborate. From natural light simple portraits to studio lighting to let's paint half your face and chest and walk around public gardens. No matter the situation she looks amazing in every frame.


Hair & Makeup by Rabia N.





Long time friend Alex Kool has been a major support in my photography. There's a good chance I have more photos of Alex then my own family.. no joke. She's one incredibly talented hair and make up artist. I've been very thankful for having such a talented & great friend over the years. You'll see more collaborations from us for years to come.